I’ve dreamed for years of opening my own website, dedicated to the nerdistry that is video games. I’ve loved playing video games for such a long time — all the way back when my parents brought home a Sega Genesis and I became addicted to Flicky and Monster Boy in Wonder Land — that, growing up, I had a strong inkling that I would never abandon games in my lifetime.

With that said, as I went further into my career, I found myself facing many people who continued to have stereotypical judgment about people who play games.

Even now, that sentiment is bizarre to me. Games were my childhood. Video games made me want to learn how to draw, write and play music, program, and write stories. I didn’t master any of those – heck, even saying that I can do any of those is a bit of an overstatement of the nth degree – but I did write my own games. And I did learn to draw, and shade, and figure things out like Photoshop. I wrote rudimentary music and learned the most basic of music concepts out of aspiration to become the next Daisuke Amaya. And I wrote so many stories.

Here’s the thing about your writing skills when you spend most of your formative adolescence and early-to-late twenties in university: you stop being able to write, because the only thing you end up being able to produce are the technical manuscripts that you’ve been trained to write.

I’ve decided that 2021 is going to be the year. I’m going to spend time working on the skills that I want to acquire. I want to write more. I want to keep playing music. Heck, I want to draw, do pixel graphics, and start making short, simple, rudimentary games again, just because I can and it’s entertaining.

(Oh gosh, and yes, podcasts. We’re going to be making way more of those again, too.)

And it all starts here. On this homepage. So I hope you will join us. ❤️

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